Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Merav Israel at Edinburgh Dance Base

At 1100, on the web, I read about Merav's class . Hesitating a moment, I ran for a bus. The traffic and road works made me anxious I'd make it. Running from bus to class I arrived 5 minutes late tense and exhausted.

But soft and gentle Indian music played and as I joined the little circle with Merav and her two other students I relaxed into a deep awareness of my body and the way it moved.
We sat, slightly moving the head up and down, then left and right, then mixing the movements.
Similarly, lying, we raised our arms, understanding the way they move, and 'dancing' through them.

Later we studied drawings of the pelvic skeleton and the class continued through long improvisations exploring movement from the hips.

Merav is a wonderful teacher. She has a dance degree from Jerusalem and is a performer as well as a teacher.


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