Monday, September 25, 2006

New UK Passports, Identity Cards and Big Brother

In my new biometric passport is a large aerial which enables details to be read at a distance (RFID). Carriers of such passports could be identified and tracked not only at airports. Worse, if such technology were included on identity cards we could all be tracked in any public space and personal information read without our knowledge. Terrible! We could all be tagged!

But just wrap your passport in metal foil and it can't be read. In fact I think the passport has foil in the cover to prevent it being read when not open.

Information on this RFID technology can be found at:

The UK Passport position can be found at:


Blogger 21stCenturySocks said...

In the film Minority Report there were scenes where he was the target of specific advertsing as he walked through a shopping mall. This is the future. The government will inflate the cost of these new id card/passports then sell our id s to business to keep the price down. The id argument will go from "nothing to hide" to "nowhere to hide".

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