Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tonight the sky is clear.

Moon still almost full.
Quiet and still.
My familiar friend Orion watches.
Moonlight shines off Bay Willow leaves,
Too dark for photographs.
A breath of wind rustles
The Autumn leaves.

Such were my mountain nights
Beneath the stars
Taking me back.....
It’s an old coal mine.
I climb into the cage.
My crazy friend manages to
Release the break.
The pit wheel starts to move
And I’m crashing down.

All sounds stop,
Coal dust settles back,
Total Black.

I Want to remember.
I Want to remember a funfair on a night like this.....
Walking out of my village and entering the fair.
Music everywhere, coloured lights, movement, excitement......

And years later with my children screaming
As we plummet down the big dipper.
And when Dan was so scared I had to stop the ride.

Later again, I’d go alone to watch families and youngsters having fun
And tried to get a job working a ride.

Finally walking away,

Into the night,
The sounds fading,
Darkness and peace,
Stars everywhere.


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