Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poem, All his Life

Looking for Love.
All his life
He didn't know he was.

Earwigs scurried away from beneath an overturned stone.
Girls lived in another world.

Once sitting quietly on a bridge over his stream
A rat appeared.
She didn't know he was there.
Suddenly they looked into each other's eyes.
Beautiful eyes.
It's a magic moment falling in love.
Wanting to share your life with another,
In your own little stream, a world hidden by trees, rich with good food,
Exciting, when it's a river of waterfalls.
He never saw her again.

Another romance lasted a week.
It was a fish, a blenny in a rock pool cave.
He'd entice her out with crushed mussels.
(We kill for love).

She'd turn her head sideways to look up at him.
Slowly she'd come out, take the food
And return to her cave.
He eventually lost interest and she moved home.

Most of the time he talked to himself.
Far out the Atlantic must talk to itself.
Nice when it can make waves on Barra.
She's loved it to bits for thousands of years.
Whole beaches,
Shells ground to sand, broken for you.
Curvy carved rocks at Scurival.
Look me, touch me, stroke me curves.
Man, I need a woman!

In the cool sea he found her.
They danced in the waves
Making foamy pictures in the air.
She was always there,
In him and he in her.


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