Saturday, October 07, 2006

бумажный змей (a dance duet riddle)

She has no words.
Beautiful dancer is all she is.
When not dancing she collapses unconscious.

But when we dance,
Our nerves connect as one.
Divine, she has no needs.
Responds to all of mine.

We fly together.
I pull.
She lets go.
Muscles contract and relax.

We play near the edge of flight.
Then with instant power she soars to her peak,
Staying as long as the wind blows.

And with exquisite sensitivity to my every touch.
Drifts delicate as a rose petal.

She wears bright clothes,
Curves within curves, flexing her body in the wind.
Her body is spirit.
She is the wind.
She is my lover.

We collapse crumpled in the sun
And dream of Icarus.

Photo by URI NEVO is of Kibbutz Dance Company.
They have fantastic website:


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the photographer web site :

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