Monday, May 22, 2017

Aerial Acrobats

The evening sky burst
heavenly blue
and fantastically
a couple of Martins flew.

They soared, they dived,
and stalled,
acrobats on high
catching insects
in the sky.


Blogger stone drum said...

stoney blogger from across the sea, comes a calling. Just read your first response on Dodge The Question blog. Now will be off to read more. Appreciate your words, and never know where to go to respond. So am here. Good to see John's words. Take care of you. Stoney at age 74 and now doing my single person thing. Writing, but not blogs.
take care. Appreciate you visit. Summer of 2017. take care.

4:16 pm  
Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John

is not easy for me to know where to post comments using blogger or facebook.

here is an email address:

not sure if this is a better way, go directly.

John writes: someone is there by the stream. Gives imaginative comfort.

I agree. have more to say. and will. on another day.

good will and good health to you.

stone drum

11:52 pm  
Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John. never know where to leave these tracers.

september 2017. my goal is to write, regardless of content.

once a week perhaps. not sure. winter coming. inside more.

so how it goes. we will see. Pleased you are doing well.

take care of you. he smiles.


4:07 pm  
Blogger John Pendrey said...

Hello. I would like to use blogger but can't get it to work. I am always on FB and I can always acces your blog. Today is calm sun and I must go out. I find myself reading a lot of American literature. Today it's 'Angle of Repose' by Stegner. I love it.

10:30 am  
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