Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Floating World

All was in order in the shack where the window framed a long deserted beach.

Black paper was neatly stacked, two bamboo brushes of fine brown hair rested in a rack alongside a bottle of white ink.

The wind had been increasing for days and though the moon was full, as night closed in  we lit a single candle.

The flame flickered nervously.

 We watched the lines of waves breaking in bright contrast to the black sea, lines too long for a poem, too complex and seen only in their breaking. But their message was loud, loud and repeated above the roar of the wind. We sat a long time watching.

When ready we began, a third down the paper and as the wave broke with loaded brush and firm pressure we drew the ink across the page till withdrawing our touch the breaking wave tapered to a distant fine line.

There were several lines of waves.

When we had finished I read you poems by Ryokan and you read me Teishin.

Kaze wa kiyoshi
tsuki wa sayakeshi
iza tomo ni
odori akasan
oi no nagori ni

"Was it really you  I saw,
Or is this joy  I still feel  Only a dream? -Teishin

In this dream world
We doze
And talk of dreams -
Dream on, dream on,
As much as you wish. -Ryokan

Here with you
I could remain
For countless days and years,
Silent as the bright moon
We gazed at together. - Teishin
If your heart
Remains unchanged,
We will be bound as tightly
As an endless vine
For ages and ages. -Ryokan

After that, Teishin didn't get back to him for a while, So he wrote:

Have you forgotten me
Or lost the path here?
Now I wait for you
All day, every day.
But you do not appear. -Ryokan

The moon, I'm sure,
Is shining brightly
High above the mountains,
But gloomy clouds
Shroud the peak in darkness. -Teishin

You must rise above
The gloomy clouds
Covering the mountaintop.
Otherwise, how will you
Ever see the brightness? -Ryokan

Seems that they didn't see each other again for a while  after that, but when Ryokan was dying, Teishin came to be with him  at the moment of death. They again exchanged a few poems.

"When, when?" I sighed.
The one I longed for  Has finally come;
With her now,  I have all that I need. -Ryokan

We monastics are said
To overcome the realm
Of life and death -
Yet I cannot bear the  Sorrow of our parting. -Teishin

Everywhere you look
The crimson leaves  Scatter -
One by one,  Front and back. -Ryokan

And his last words were:

My legacy -  What will it be?
Flowers in spring,
The cuckoo in summer,
And the crimson maples
Of autumn..."


Anonymous stone man said...

Hello John

finally figured out how to interact here.

read this and did relate, and passed it along to one who is important to me.

Floating World. Influenced by being in Japan. Perhaps.

thanks you for sharing. Am happy to acknowledge both reading and enjoying this

8:57 pm  
Blogger John Pendrey said...

I have returned to Japan in my garden with the anticipation and now blooming of the first cherry.

11:16 am  

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