Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Umeniko" Cherry Poem

Snow flurry
melts on "Umeniko"
Snow flakes melt
on cherry blossom.

I am honoured with this translation into Japanese by Hitomi Sato. Thank you!

我が庭の 愛し桜の 花びらに 積もりし雪の 解けししづくよ

waga-niwa-no itoshi-sakura-no hanabira-ni tsumorishi-yuki-no tokeshi-sizuku-yo

About a year ago I enjoyed visiting the hills and gardens around Kyoto and Yoshino. I already had some Japanese cherry trees and have planted more, including three Yoshino. This photo is of my new "Umeniko" just blooming for the first time and next day there was a little snow and I took this picture after the snow flakes had melted to drops.

My wife says the flowers look like ballet dancers.

"Sleeping under the trees on Yoshino mountain
The spring breeze wearing Cherry blossom petals"


木のもとに 旅寝をすれば 吉野山 花の衾を 着する春風

ki-no-mo-to-ni tabi-ne-wo-sureba Yoshino-yama hana-no-fusuma-ni kisuru-harukaze


"the breeze is fresh,
the moon is bright;
come, we shall dance till dawn,
and say farewell to age"

e wa kiyoshi                              
tsuki wa sayakeshi                          
iza tomoni                              
odori akasan      
oi no nagori ni                        

Jakuran (1139?-1202)


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