Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Autumn Prayers

Above me,
beneath me,
falling to earth,
Autumn prayers.


Blogger stone drum said...

Into morning somewhere around March 2017. Clocks move forward and I am inspired by words now floating around in my head.

millions of years
the unseen molecules
in tiny moves

Source: The Infinitesimal Calculus of Spring Another magnificent poem voiced by John.

isolated by my own choosing, this window allows me to see so much more than is the case when clouds reside inside and round my head.

fluency and appreciate that it is there. Happens because of what is written above.

frees me from due concern about being in life, as I just know: molecules in tiny moves create, and when I change in mind and body and material form to a new essence... this truth for millions of years rings out.

In poem. In my own mind and thoughts. Not original but still compelling.

appreciate the calculus of spring and John's presence in my oh so small world.

appreciate. And will continue on my way. My mission is to be there .... in the gift of present moment creation as molecules exist and include me in their dance.

appreciate John and the poem just read. In March. He moves forward. Music and Dance.

3:00 pm  
Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John. taking a moment to say, nice to see you. trust its all going well with you. essay on keeping busy, and I know you do... a lot. so thanks for looking in me. Just saying.

1:21 am  
Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John

meltwaters from receding glaciers. Is how I see the sum total of my life, not yet completed. Hence I write best I can. Knowing: this won't go on forever. Consciousness in open air, triggered by a few words. Response. And reckoning. I choose. My place on or in the glacier. As wind and snow race by. Is my cover.

stone drum

11:57 pm  

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