Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Message from Tamara (itsallinasong)

Well, I've been posting on Blogster for awhile now, and I have to say ... I miss Multiply.

I miss all you guys, I miss this format, the fluid way it all works here.

It's a very good thing ... that's being torn down.

Kind of like those old stone buildings that hold ages of history and beauty nothing else could ever come close to replicating.

And the "new kids on the block" ... you know ... the ones with the money ... they come along and tear it all down because their boring and predictable and cold steel methods are more profitable than any amount of old stone work could ever be.

They create empty space where there used to be palpable, tangible life.

... and call it "progress".

I have seen a few things that our "modern ~ high tech" world has brought us that benefit life.

Much more so, a general demise of the very fabric of society and the values that used to hold it cohesively together.

Ironic, that.

We have nearly instant ... ... ...
... ... ... nearly 'instant anything' ...

and yet we have so much more "nothing" ... we are becoming lost in it's debris.

Fall, this year, is making such a grand effort at presenting itself true to form.

It could just be me.

But I've watched me long enough across the decades now that ... I know a few things about me.

And this season ... is making an attempt to show up in full form.

It's beautiful.

But you know ... it's one of those kinds of "beautiful" that makes me cautiously wonder ...

... you know ... like when things suddenly go into slow motion during some kind of ... "event".

I'm just going to go with ... " it's beautiful " ... and let it stand at that.

I miss all you guys.

I hope you're making life the adventure you're worthy of.

Where ever you go, follow your heart.

And have almost too much fun.


Here's one I wrote about 4 years ago.
Seems fitting ...

Away away
Upon hushed harmony
Quietly my voiced breath
Perhaps one day
Beyond hurried dissonance
Resolution will come
To things
Dance between the dawns
Through the night set your dreams aloft
Cast your weary sorrow
Upon restless seas
And with the returning tide
What treasures may you find
Moments forever now
In the re-membering


Happy Holidays

with love,


Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John. Hello Tamara

do miss the space and people.

thanks for posting this, and to all

a Happy Holiday Filled remainder of the year.

be well. come see us often.

7:35 am  
Blogger stone drum said...

when I wrote it, I was aware

the boy in his too little room

but then the sea has a way of its own

then came propellers in the air and by 1969 space adventure put a tag on me. not to say the station has=d much to do with it, but birds overhead and star wars and communication, I've seen the pictures

up close and personal, and yes it is their reality and I treat it with great respect. Your home, my visit. And we have gotten older. the affection is there.

thanks for your words. I do select my subjects: not all stories or essay are made up, rather they flow and we raise the glass and gather, where we can.

good holidays to you and yours.

5:28 pm  

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