Sunday, September 09, 2012

Atlantis (photo by son Tom, 2009)

Sunset glisters

from the sea serpent’s scales.


Night’s lighthouse beams reach out,

till lost in dark Atlantic wastes.


Where below,

on red lava pillows,

you snake shift,

shape shift,

lover of the torn and bleeding

oceanic depths,


till we wake again

to playful sunbeams

and the soaring birds.



Anonymous see drum said...

this can be, on many levels, received, in darkness and in the light, in this life or the next.

good to see John. And remember as we get close to December and shuts down

find me or give am an address where I can find you. . good to see your words.

3:40 pm  
Anonymous John Pendrey said...

Thanks Seedrum. I enjoy layers of meaning. I don't know where to go next. I am also on blogspot and wordpress but don't keep them up. I'll be looking into how to continue.

4:50 pm  
Anonymous see drum said...

Hello John. Good to know you have alternative place to be once folds

you said: Today I needed your inpiration. I sink back. Need to climb out and make forward steps.

So came by to say hello. Be well. New week. I come and I go, but will return. To greet you and a new day. be well. Do well. Be Inspired.

6:42 pm  
Anonymous sue h said...

Hi John, till we wake again

to playful sunbeams

and the soaring birds. Somewhere else other than multiply I guess, lol

7:21 pm  
Anonymous Tamara M said...

Hi John

I will so miss your beautiful posts if Multiply does, in fact, close up here.

Please pm me if you're interested in sharing contact info.

Also, I have a page at Blogster :

3:53 am  
Anonymous Beverly VanBuren said...

I hardly ever visit since I am looking for a way to save all of my work elsewhere. Then, I consider that hard copies are the only real salvation so I write in my journals. I consider my wings and wonder if they would actually carry me across the north Atlantic or whether I should employ a dragon for such flights of fancy. I suppose there are still dreamers who would slay such a creature on sight so I could never risk that. Perhaps a phoenix...Any time now, even my broom might take flight. How are you? I miss our musings. Bards seem to be rarer than dragons on this side of the Atlantic.

12:02 pm  
Anonymous see drum said...

g'day John. saw your comment in one of my last blogs on going down with the ship, not likely for me. am going thru the task of pulling all my blogs off of and into word doc saved as html, hoping to keep some of the pictures that came with my blogs, but what happens, is ok. I have the originals somewhere, but for now, this is what I am doing. time consuming.

I will find a way to keep in touch. I will find a way.

stoney is seedrum is scottyD: names change. The person does so slowly. guy/person. trust you are well.

4:06 pm  
Anonymous Beverly VanBuren said...

Sea dragon
chainmail scales,
sailfish wings,
flukes waving
beneath the arms
of a nursing mother,
hair like polished chestnut,
ivory skin
rose petal silky
green eyes as deep as
a dream of contentment
forever after
has just created. . .
They call it Earth
with a B
Beverly VanBuren

6:07 pm  
Anonymous John Pendrey said...

Thanks B with the Earth, the wings, the green eyes and nursing mother of stormy weather.

2:06 pm  
Blogger suzzy said...

Hi john, I guess I found you here, we are still on the journey together.

1:27 pm  
Blogger Johnthebarman said...

I'm johthebarman on blogspot.

7:29 am  

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