Sunday, September 09, 2012

Atlantis (Son Tom's Video 2009)

Sunset glisters
from the sea serpent’s scales.

Night’s lighthouse beams reach out,
till lost in dark Atlantic wastes.

Where below,
on red lava pillows,
you snake shift,
shape shift,
lover of the torn and bleeding
oceanic depths,

till we wake again
to playful sunbeams
and the soaring birds.

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Anonymous see drum said...

words and pictures. Lyrics and song. Sea and Sound. First a picture.

then video. Generational input: father and son. Woe is me. falling behind the technology and the incremental improvement. interesting variation on my style of the past: words and pictures.

3:49 pm  
Anonymous sherry d said...

very nice--enjoyed the sounds and view of the video

6:43 pm  
Anonymous John Pendrey said...

Thank you both. I have never taken video as my internet is too slow and I don't keep up with latest technology. Still find monochrome atractive. My son has moved in new areas. He has been much more adventurous. The video and photo are of the remote, now uninhabited island of St Kilda. The thousands of birds are gannets. Seedrum you are blog master of words and pics. The video does lack quality.

7:40 am  
Blogger stone drum said...

just read what Sir John had to say about words and music and pictures. Am flattered. am pleased to find a way to keep in touch. so will drop by once a week or so, and just say something. because that's what good people do. compliment each other.

done with and so don't get alerts when you are active, so just will stop by and if its suitable, will ramble on.

have a good day.

6:31 pm  

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