Sunday, November 25, 2012

23 November - Scurrival windy evening walk.

As we left, the autumn sunlight lit just the tops of the trees, our woodland cottage being in a shallow valley.

A strong chilling wind accompanied us as we walked over pebbles to the rocky shore for the sunset;

bright yellow sunbeams behind a black cloud on the horizon and approaching from the SW the dark smoky pillar of a rain shower.

Light shone through the spray crested waves and lit the foam that piled in among the pebbles. In the shelter between the black rocks the wild sea was green with an exquisitely changing gold gilt, polished and warm.

We returned beneath vast high tops of burning clouds that turned to ashen grey.



Blogger stone drum said...

Hello John

Getting my orientation. Have one member or viewer and that is you. Suits me fine.

Will not gear my blogs just to you, but go on in the fashion I always have. exits stage right on Dec. 2. I am good with that. This blog space formats properly for me to mix and match pictures and that is what I like to do.

Will figure out the timing of blogs, probably once a week for now, but who knows. December is a busy month in material America, and I do travel, if and when possible this time of year. But not so much details about all that, so is as if I don’t travel.

Brother and Sister, one moved from Mexico fleeing Drug Cartel and the other from Ecuador, back to the United States. So am pleased with that. My travels become more within the safe zones now. Avoid war. Seek peace and peace of mind. December.

Be well. Thanks for visiting my site.

just read your blog, Nov. 23. descriptive event ...a winter walk beside the water.

balance is what I see when reading other's blogs. I live in a city/town/urban place, pressed up to the mountains and with an inland sea or bay: Elliot Bay. Cargo ships and fog, just 2 blocks away, down concrete stairs. balance and contrast comes with your walk, a bit more wild and primitive.

common is: water's edge. In winter.

be well, John and family


7:06 pm  

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