Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Granite sculpture, inspired by Giacometti's method

"This was followed by a unique artistic phase in which his statues of Isabel became stretched out; her limbs elongated.Obsessed with creating his sculptures exactly as he envisaged through his unique view of reality, he often carved until they were as thin as nails and reduced to the size of a pack of cigarettes, much to his consternation. After his marriage to Annette Arm his tiny sculptures became larger, but the larger they grew, the thinner they became. Giacometti said that the final result represented the sensation he felt when he looked at a woman."

I want to have a go with my local rock, Lewisian Gneiss, the same rock used for the Callanish stones. It is not uniform like granite and I'd like to follow the natural flow of the material. The challenge of the material is that it is very hard. Giacometti's creative process resulting in these figures has got me interested.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

17 Dec1273 Anniversary of Rumi''s death.

Oh Beloved,
take me.
Liberate my soul.
Fill me with your love and
release me from the two worlds.

If I set my heart on anything but you
let fire burn me from inside.

Oh Beloved,
take away what I want.
Take away what I do.
Take away what I need.
Take away everything
that takes me from you.

Translated by Shahram Shiva
Hush - Don't Say Anything To God


'The Forty Rules of Love' by Ilif Shafak 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kore = Κόρη ( Greek) =maiden

Callanish Stone Circle 7th December 2010

Fragments of ‘Immortality’