Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Krishna and Gopis

For 40 years, Krishna and the Gopis, has been for me a significant erotic and spiritual image.

This is one of many images of the story. All the Gopis think they dance with Krishna and he also is dancing with each of them.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Last Grasp before Thaw

The River by Ellery Channing

There is an inward voice, that in the stream
Sends forth its spirit to the listening ear,
And in a calm content it floweth on,
Like wisdom, welcome with its own respect.
Clear in its breast lie all these beauteous thoughts.
It doth receive the green and graceful trees,
And the gray rocks smile in its peaceful arms,
And over all floats a serenest blue,
Which the mild heaven sheds down on it like rain.
O fair, sweet stream, thy undisturbed repose
Me beckons to thy font, and thou vexed world,
Thou other turbulent sphere where I have swelt,
Diminished into distance touch'st no more