Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Storm of Love

Storm of Love
In howling storm,
you are alive, waiting for me.

Here, now!
I see you!
Waves surge,
break over your rocks.
stream over you.

Here, now!
On sea cliffs in wet black rags,
a thin lone girl clinging,
sea streaming o’er
silver etched rocks,
crying for all to see.

Here, now, uncovered,
I long to touch…


In this seascape of cliffs, I tried to reach her
And lost both her and nearly myself in the spray.
I thought to take her to the dunes and give her my warmth-
Though she cares as little as the dark lichen.
I wait,
On the cliffs,
Clothed in yellow and gold,
Till she comes.
Ah, Golden Light.


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