Thursday, September 01, 2011

Metaphor - no escape?

We live through metaphor.

Tibetan Buddhism took this to an extreme. Science,Maths and the arts are Metaphor.
Shivha is a metaphor as are her silks, adornments, perfumes and dance and her other half, Shiva, skyclad in a blue illusion.

Poetry and the arts articulate metaphors in beautuful domains pleasing the mind and senses.

We live by allusion and illusion.

"Foucault demonstrates that the semantic and syntactic structures does not suffice to determine the discursive meaning of an expression Depending on whether or not it complies with these rules of discursive meaning, a grammatically correct phrase may lack discursive meaning or, inversely, a grammatically incorrect sentence may be discursively meaningful - even meaningless letters, e.g. "AZERT" may have discursive meaning. Thus, "statements" depend on the conditions in which they emerge and exist within a field of discourse; the discursive meaning of a statement is reliant on the succession of statements that precede and follow it." Wiki


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