Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sad Girl and Her Acorn

The sad girl thought about the acorn
she’d buried in the wet black peat;
her small treasure rotting in the unrelenting rain?

She thought about the lonely boy’s Lego
and into her dark, wet bog a pile of red and white blocks clattered.

Taking a single red block
soon huge,
white, asymmetric wings
pixilated out with tiny white bricks,
a fractal formula
(of six dimensions)
that grew soft warmth
till she lifted away
and the oak shed a pool of red leaves.

After watching the film, ‘Lilya4ever’ in Swedish by Lukas Moodysson, a relentlessly miserable story of Lilya, an Eastern European victim of sex trafficking.

The acorn is Swedish,
the Lego Danish and the image from:


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