Monday, July 06, 2009

Georgia Caucasus - Barisakho to Shatili

Fantastic 6th century tower blocks.

This was my destination, a few days walk from Barisakho but the road was still blocked by snow and it was still snowing at the Datvis-Jarvis Pass (2676m).

People said it was dangerous to attempt the road on foot and I waited a few days for the the road to be bull-dozed opened but it didn't happen so when I awoke to blue sky with high hopes I decided to go . Soon I met shepherds breakfasting in old Russian buildings and cheered by a horn of wine and a friendly welcome I was ready for anything.

Happy day! The road men had also set out to clear the road and gave me a lift up to their bull-dozer. This is our Russian van at at Gudani where we stopped for a smoke.

And this is the bull-dozer. I was told that you can self drive it if you are in trouble.

After a gentle trek up to the pass and fine mountain views I crossed into the next valley. The road had been cleared. Otherwise walking through deep drifts would have been very slow and difficult.

to be continued......

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